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Pediatric Nutrition

Pediatric Nutrition

Feeding Our Children

As parents, we want our children to thrive and providing adequate and appropriate nourishment is essential to achieving this goal from the day our little ones are born. From the first decisions related to breast, bottle or formula feeding, to the introduction of first purees, to the advancement to finger foods and self-feeding, and then to the eventual development of a balanced and expansive palate in childhood; Parents want to provide the best in nutrition to create a foundation for growth, strength and long-term health and wellness.

We’re parents too and we understand how very difficult it can be when struggling with an infant who may be having difficulty nursing or a toddler who is slowly but surely becoming very picky and rejecting each and every food presented to him. Sometimes, it’s hard to know whether these patterns are normal or whether may indicate the need for increased support or attention. We’ve been there, and we can help.

As parents of young children ourselves, we understand first-hand how it feels to want your child to eat completely, and to maximize the nutrient density introduced to their tiny bellies so that they grow optimally.

Pediatric Nutrition Services

Our pediatric experts join with parents to address various priorities, including, but not limited to:

  • Explain your infant’s, toddler’s or young child’s Nutrition needs including an understanding of overall caloric requirements as well as specific micronutrient needs
  • Deliver concise nutrition and meal plan guidelines which consider family taste preferences and schedules
  • Recommend supplementation when indicated
  • Guide parents on the creation of a positive food environment at home and decrease stress, power struggles and arguments at meal time
  • Assist with guided food exposures to increase the variety of foods eaten
  • Counsel parents on how to establish and communicate appropriate guidelines and boundaries with food
  • Support the introduction of balanced nutrition to ensure optimal growth and development
  • Provide recommendations for modeling healthy, balanced eating
  • Encourage the establishment of a body-positive environment
  • Provide referrals to trusted pediatricians, child psychologists, child psychiatrists and other pediatric specialists including pediatric endocrinologists, and speech/feeding pathologists.

We ally with parents and teach strategies that decrease stress at meal times with the goal of creating a healthy food environment at home which will serve as a foundation of health for years to come.

Creating a Strong Foundation

Parents seeking recommendations for how to optimally feed their children, those who are struggling to introduce new foods, or are having trouble expanding the diet of a picky eater, those who are managing complex food allergies, and those who are concerned about delayed or accelerated growth, often feel incredibly frustrated and at a loss for what to try next to help their little ones. At Appleman Nutrition, not only do we understand the clinical significance of pediatric feeding issues, we have personal experience managing them with our own children. We ally with parents and help them learn the skills, techniques and strategies to decrease the stress and anxiety that accompany eating and feeding challenges with the goal of optimizing growth and development, boosting immunity, resolving picky eating, and creating a foundation for health in the years to come.

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