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Nutrition Services

Nutrition Services

Individual Nutrition Counseling

These one-on-one sessions are a collaboration. Together, we discuss and understand the personal history that has informed your current thoughts, feelings and behaviors with food. We identify your priorities and then work on building the skills and strategies that will enable you to reach your short and long term goals. We understand that working toward these goals is a process that may at times feel challenging. We are patient, supportive and highly motivating as we empower each of our clients to reach and maintain their goals, providing invaluable feedback along the way.

Family-Based Nutrition Counseling

After a careful assessment of your child’s medical, weight and feeding history and an understanding of the dynamic issues that are presenting at meal times, our pediatric nutrition experts provide parents with:

  • Explanations of your infant, toddler or child’s overall nutrient needs
  • Concise meal planning recommendations
  • Strategies to achieve increased variety of foods eaten
  • Assistance with food modeling and creating a positive food environment at home
  • Direction with setting and communicating appropriate food boundaries and guidelines
  • Assistance with integration of joyful physical activity
  • Support establishing a body-positive environment

Meal Support Therapy

The inclusion of healthy and varied meals is essential to eating disorder recovery. When certain meals or food groups feel insurmountable, or dining out environments are overwhelming, we offer clients the experience of supported meal sessions. During these meals, either in our dining room, in a restaurant setting or another chosen space, we share a meal together and then we process the experience. Clients learn to recognize triggers for destructive eating choices, examine food rituals, tolerate difficult feelings that arise during the meal and challenge negative or mythical thoughts/beliefs that perpetuate eating disordered behaviors. Recommendations are made to further clients’ progress and goals are set in conjunction with the overall treatment plan in order to enhance each client’s care. Visit our Eating Disorders treatment page to learn more about these services.

Food Exposure Therapy and Food Chaining

For our clients with Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID) or pediatric feeding disorders that have resulted in extreme picky eating and/or the inclusion of very few foods, we offer supported meal coaching aimed at expanding the diet. Our experts may work with parents individually or with both parents and children if this is indicated.

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