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Our Process

Our Process

Connecting with our Founder, Rebecca

Your Nutrition Care begins with a phone conversation with our Founder and Executive Director, Rebecca Appleman, RD. With over 15 years of clinical practice experience, Rebecca devotes her time to each and every new individual and family before they ever walk through our doors. This conversation is a free of charge discovery process during which Rebecca gains an initial understanding of the goals, needs and priorities impacting each client or family. Following this detailed dialogue, Rebecca will schedule your 90-minute Initial Nutrition Consultation with the clinician in our group whose specialities and expertise aligns directly with your needs and goals. Ahead of this phone call you can read our Frequently Asked Questions for the answers to our most common inquiries.

The Initial Consultation

This first session is a jumping off point for your entire treatment process — sometimes the work is shorter term and sometimes it’s a longer process. Either way, we’re by your side for each and every step. Our goal during our first meeting is to gain a global understanding of who you are; we’ll want to learn about your medical history, diet and weight history, and your thoughts, patterns and behaviors as they pertain to food, movement, weight, shape and size. We also want to learn about who you are separate and apart from food – how you work, live and socialize, so that we can help you define how food and eating well can be easily integrated into your life without becoming a stressful preoccupation.

Follow-Up Sessions

These 45-60 minute meetings support the work that you started to define during your Initial Consultation. Our goal is to create an environment in which clients feel at ease discussing their patterns and behaviors with food.

Virtual Counseling

Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, our team has been committed to providing the highest quality nutrition counseling to our clients over virtual platforms. We are so proud of our clients for the meaningful progress they have made in this environment, and we feel privileged to continue to partner with existing and new clients in a virtual capacity in order to help them achieve their goals. We have found that the opportunity for virtual nutrition counseling has provided unlimited flexibility and enhanced access to high-quality treatment. We look forward to continuing to offer our virtual nutrition counseling services, to anyone, globally.

Our Offices

Our offices are conveniently located and easily accessible in midtown Manhattan, lower Westchester and Greenwich, CT and all are designed to feel private and serene. Our interiors are warm and welcoming and the decor is contemporary but cozy. We’ve designed spaces comfortable for traditional nutrition counseling sessions, as well as dining areas where we eat in a supported setting with our clients. At all times, we make it a priority to schedule sessions to assure our clients the best in timelines and confidentiality.

Frequently Asked Questions

I think I’d like to come in, what’s my first step?

You’ve already taken it by visiting our website! To further discuss your individual needs and goals, contact us to schedule a complimentary discovery phone call. Rebecca will speak with you to learn more about your issues of priority and particular goals and she’ll walk you through best next steps and scheduling.

My schedule is packed - are your hours flexible?

We do our best in every case to get new clients onto our calendar as expeditiously as possible. To that end, we see clients 7 days per week and we offer session times in the morning, afternoon and evening.

Are your services reimbursed by Insurance?

Our practice does not accept private Insurance, Medicare or Medicaid. Upon receipt of payment via credit card or ACH debit, a detailed receipt including diagnosis and procedure coding is sent to you via confidential email for your individual submission to your Insurance carrier for reimbursement via an out-of-network benefit.

Do you sell "packages” of sessions?

We do not sell session packages. The work that we do together is entirely client centered; individual needs and goals are routinely assessed and treatment plans and recommendations are defined and redefined in response to the client’s progress.

Connect with our Director, Rebecca Appleman, RD

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