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About Appleman Nutrition

Appleman Nutrition is a New York based Nutrition counseling practice whose philosophy is rooted in a non-diet, inclusive approach to eating and the belief that health can be achieved at any size. Our clinical knowledge is unparalleled, but our magic is the way that we truly connect with and care for our clients. We develop meaningful relationships with the children, adolescents, adults and families that seek our guidance, and we work to fully understand each person and family’s particular needs and goals in order to help them make lasting change. Learn about our nutrition services »

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy, quite simply, is that ALL foods, without exception, fit into a balanced and healthy diet. We know that “perfect” eating is actually rather imperfect and furthermore, that a person can be “perfectly” healthy without exercising strict control over their food intake. We believe in a diet that is inclusive and in a relationship with food that is intentional, mindful and easily managed.

Our Nutritionists

We are a highly specialized team of Registered Dietitians (RDs) with decades of experience treating the entire spectrum of eating disorders and disordered eating, chronic dieting and weight cycling, exercise disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, pediatric feeding challenges and autoimmune disorders. Our team approach, which includes extensive clinical supervision, ensures that our clients’ needs are regularly and thoroughly reviewed and deliberately considered, and that treatment strategies are approached thoughtfully and creatively. Meet our team »

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