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Campfires & Cupcakes

November 20, 2022

Campfires & Cupcakes

By Appleman Nutrition

Summer camp is often a magical time in a child or adolescent’s development. These special summer homes foster friendships that are like sisterhoods and bonds that endure for lifetimes. Unfettered by technology, social media pressures, academic strains, and other typical adolescent challenges, camp frees kids up to take safe risks and grow immeasurably. As parents, we instill our trust in camp directors and the counselors they hire to keep our children safe and ensure that their days are filled with fun and laughter. Counselors become parents, teachers, role models, supervisors and babysitters all rolled into one package, sometimes with just a week or two of preparation. No doubt, this is a big job with a big impact. While counselors assume super-human responsibilities, we know that they are of course human, and as such, they bring their own potentially complex histories with food and body as well as varied beliefs about food, weight, shape and size. Campfires & Cupcakes was created by our team of pediatric and adolescent experts to train camp counselors to practice body positive language and food neutral behaviors… Learn more

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